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Dynamic Newsroom helps you reach journalists with the right content, quickly and easily.


By automatically linking assets, products and announcements together, Dynamic Newsroom makes your content smarter, more searchable and easier to maintain.


Built on top of WordPress, Dynamic Newsroom is instantly familiar. It’s simple to learn and a pleasure to use. It can even be added to an existing blog or website you already own.


Whether it's custom functionality or specific naming conventions, Dynamic Newsroom is infinitely adaptable. Because it's built on open source platforms, it plays nicely with other software and WordPress plugins too.

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The biggest brands use Dynamic Newsroom

Just a few examples...

The QVC Newsroom drives storytelling through press releases and blog posts, paired with rich assets for journalists. It uses gated access to protect those assets, while smoothly integrating the sign-up process for media lists. Built on WordPress, it's hugely flexible and with Dynamic Newsroom's intelligent tagging, takes a lot of manual admin work out of the hands of QVC's content team.


The Vodafone custom build includes bespoke integrations and functionality and uses proprietary Vodafone code for a standardized experience. Product focus pages collate content intelligently, boilerplate management avoids repetitive tasks and coordinated social updates automate the press release publishing process.


The Nokia newsroom is a custom build that has been integrated with the company's blog and serves as a launchpad for new devices. IT features one-page access to key information by product or topic with linked assets, high resolution video and data sheet downloads and site-wide search that is filterable by media or asset type.

The Sharp Electronics newsroom is a custom built, combination Newsroom and blog that combines media assets and owned editorial content with a library of executive bios. It features streamlined publishing for assets and content, intelligent content recommendations and enables shared management between PR and editorial teams.


The O2 Newsroom is a custom build, combination Newsroom and Blog that required the mitigation of thousands of assets and hundreds of blog posts into a single resource. Atop this, is a user experience that offers rich landing pages for content or competition promotions, all without additional IT resourcing.


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What journalists think of Dynamic Newsroom

"The new site is fast, simple and has exactly what I need to find the pictures and video I want quickly. It's an area virtually every major tech company ignores, making it a real pain to find images."

Mark prigg

"This site breaks all the rules of web media resources. It is ridiculously easy to navigate, has everything the most demanding journalist or blogger could need and is logically and consistently laid out"

jonathan margolis

"Anything that actually allows you to find press content at all is a breath of fresh air. If you've got the space, use it. Organising the info by product like that just seems like a no-brainer to me."

tom wiggins